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uk Britannia Silver Coin


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Buy British Silver Britannia Coins

Few coins can claim protection with over 11 centuries of minting and a short history, but British Britannia coins can certainly claim it. The Britannia silver coin created by the Royal Mint is part of a very remarkable story. Britain has gone through many changes over the centuries as the empire has developed, but despite all the upheavals and social advances, the economics of silver coin production has remained relatively unchanged.

UK 1 Oz Britain Magic Coin .999 Fine BU

The Precious Metals Exchange is proud to present the latest issue of the Royal Mint of Great Britain: the 2022 1oz British Silver Britannia .999 fine coin. Shiny, this uncirculated silver coin contains 1 troy ounce of 0.999 fine silver. Britannia 2022 could well feature four new security features with significant additions over the past year! This amazing 2022 British Silver Brwill add value to your growing silver portfolio, so buy yours or one today.

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Royal Mint Silver

Since 1886, the Royal Mint has been producing British coins. In addition to circulation coins for the UK, Mint Royal Plus perfectly mints coins from other countries, as well as many commemorative coins. In the lists below you will find both Royal Mint silver bars and collectibles.

uk britannia silver coin

Silver ‘Britannia’ Design

As with other British coins, the obverse of this silver ‘Britannia’ coin » depicts a portrait of Queen Jody Clarke. designed by Elizabeth II This is the fifth portrait of Her Majesty to be featured on British metallic silver during her long reign as British monarch. Micro-engraved radial lines were added to represent the margins on both sides around 2017 as a symbol of security and authenticity. In past millennia, the figure of Britannia has been depicted on British coins and those of actual Roman emperors. Britain was used as? a symbol of the growth of the empire of the Tudor Sea Queen. British coins issued by the Royal Mint, if you appreciate an artistic interpretation of the famous numismatic career of Britain, will be an ideal collector’s item for you.

Approximately 1 Ounce Silver British Coins

by the Royal Mint of the United Kingdom in the late 1990s, ten years after the introduction of Britannia Gold. The 1 ounce Britannia gold silver coin contains troy ounces of fine gold and silver and has a face value of £2. Since 2013, silver coins “Britannia” must be issued with a fineness of 0.999 (99.9% silver), weight 31.G 21 and a diameter of 38.61 mm. Silver Britannias can be ordered cash on delivery to your home or office in Canada or the United States, or for storage in one of our secure warehouses.

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1 Oz Uncirculated Silver Britannia

The newest silver coin « Britannia from the Royal Mint, the Silver Britannia is what many coin collectors have been waiting for all year! “Relentless Hound” with no design changestype “Britain”, which … (After)

Buy British Silver Coins “Britain” On The Money Metals Exchange

The British Royal Mint has been working almost continuously for almost 1100 years, issuing beautiful silver coins for England, and then for Great Britain. The Silver Britannia and the one troy ounce (British coin) seems to be one of the latest releases. The Royal Mint began producing coins in 1997 following the success of the Gold Britannia small coin introduced 10 years earlier. This classic British silver coin is and is recognized around the world as a symbol of beauty, reliability and strength. So it’s no surprise that Britannia silver coins, with some depth of history, have been a popular choice for investors since their inception.

Why Invest In Silver Britannia? Coins?

The Royal Mint’s Silver Britannia collectibles make up the vast majority of popular coins admired for their quality and beauty. The high metal content makes Maison one of the cleanest British products on the Because Britannia coins are British currency, they are exempt from capital gains tax, making them an excellent choice to pass down from generation to generation.

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uk britannia silver coin


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