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morgan Stanley Address For Transfers Out


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Here are some tips: Call us at (888) 454-3965 or if you are calling from outside the US you can call (801) 617-9150 or contact us at Morgan Stanley, Attn: Customer Correspondence , PO Box 95002 , South Jordan, UT 84095, so that we can receive your request at least three (3) business days or more in advance.

Individual Investors

For more information about Stanleys and Morgan Products services, visit our wealth management website. For account-related questions, such as requests for changes, reviews, etc., please contact your branch at the phone number listed in your profile statement.

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morgan Stanley Address For Transfers Out

The Original Morgan Stanley (1935–1997)

History of Morgan Stanley sunriseum to the roots of J.P. Morgan & Co. Under the Glass Steagall Act, a corporation could no longer benefit from an investment bank and a commercial bank suffering under the same holding company. JP Morgan & Co. decided to go into commercial banking and continued investment banking. As a result, some of the J.P. Morgan & Co., especially Henry S. Morgan and Harold Stanley, joined J.P. Morgan & Co. and others from Drexel, our own partners to form Morgan Stanley. The company opened on September 16, 1935 at 2 Wall Street, New York, near J.P. Morgan’s Beyond Street, which is officially the store’s door. In 1938, the company agreed to distribute $100 million in matching debt to the United States Steel Corporation as lead underwriter. In 1939, the company also received the title of founding consortium for the financing of American railroads. In 1941, the company underwent a special reorganization to increase the volume of securities trading.

morgan stanley address for transfers out


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When I transfer shares from Morgan Stanley to my fidelity account?

If you are transferring shares of Morgan Stanley or another outside agent to your Fidelity account if they were purchased prior to January,The transferred securities will not include their original cost. You’ll learn a lot about the base cost and tips on how to update it once it goes live.

How do I contact Morgan Stanley?

Morgan Stanley Family Fund Key Contacts 1-800-869-6397 Morgan Stanley Closed Funds 1-800-231-2608 Morgan Stanley Institutional/MAS Funds 1-800-548-7786 Van Kampen Funds 1-800-341-2911

Where is the headquarters of Morgan Stanley?

Morgan Stanley World Headquarters. Morgan Stanley 1585 Broadway New York, NY 10036. You’ll find a number of retail properties and short businesses in the Retail/Retail Branch Locator.

How do I order a Morgan Stanley prospectus?

To invest in a Morgan Stanley prospectus online, send a new request to [email protected], including your name, address, telephone number, principal amount, and the name of the prospectus. Morgan Stanley Fund Services (MSFS) is a leading fund management company with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong, Dublin, Glasgow, Mumbai and Bangalore.

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