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millennium Trust Automatic Rollover Service Agreement


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Auto Rollover IRA

Being away from ex-employees who don’t respond can lead to resource overload, effective plan management, which then exposes you to additional fiduciary risk. Auto-renewal was designed to provide retirement plans with a simple and easy way to close the accounts of high-value, low-balance ex-employees while maintaining the favorable tax status of their golden year savings.

Why Low-balance Accounts ?

Low balance bank accounts can drain resources, hinder effective plan administration, and expose you to additional fiduciary risk. Ditch expensive small savings accounts by practicing tax-efficient retirement savings.

Instructions How To Switch IRA Provider From Empower To Millennium Trust

Effective January 1, 2018, certain Empower Retirement IRAs will no longer be available for mandatory withdrawal renewals. This page provides information and timelines to help you transition your IRA provider from Empower to Millennium Trust if you wish.

What Can Be Automatic Hyphenation?

ANSWER. “Automatic transfer” is usually synonymous with Safe Haven IRA, a designated retirement account (IRA) created when you enroll in a plan. Plan will “kick out” members with low balances (<$5,000) after they lose their job.

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millennium trust automatic rollover service agreement

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