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ira Alternative Crossword Clue


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Note: IRA Tracker Alternative

We have 1 viable response to the IRA Note alternative, which unfortunately appears twice in our database.

Alternative Answers To The Keogh Idea Crossword Puzzle

A clue can end with multiple answers, and we have provided all known answers for Keogh’s alternative plan. This clue last appeared in a Newsday crossword puzzle on June 29, 2022. You must compare the length of the answers below with the length needed for the crossword puzzle you are working on in order to get the correct answer. The solution to an alternative clue of the Keogh plan crossword puzzle might look like this:

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Full List Of Clues/answers

7 creatures called Catarrhine, Latin for “downward nose”: APES11 Like Antarctica: DRYING15 spare part? : PIN18 Granada Grandpa: ABUELO19 Sharply Cut: CUTTING20 â??Ugh, ___ guys!â? : A LITTLE21 Go down about?In a certain way: LOSE22 Start a party? [Bee, Rabbit, Tick]: ICEBREAKER24 Morning Anchorman Kotb: HODA25 in? Mighty Drinks for $1000, ___â? (one TV request): ALEX26 Depression: SAD27. Actress Seyfried from the film “Dropout: AMANDA.”28 Buzzkill [Bat, Elk, Newt]: WET CEILING30 Tilt: TILT31 Themes of some actions: PEONY33 Natural source of glitter glue: MICA34 Small deal? [carp, pig, snake]: PARKING38 TV, newspapers, streaming services, etc. : Media42 How Beginners Can Practice Video Game: ON EASY43 Orange suffix: -ADE44 Bestselling Authors Hoag: TAMI45 Strong connection: LINK46 Pennsylvania Major, abbreviated PITT47 place of many creepers [cat, elephant, worm]: CARE OF THE WATERMELON51 Opposite of Opponent: FRIEND52 Unusual flower stands: URNS53 Lifebuoy? :THE ARK54 Al-___, Family of Syrian administrators: ASSAD55 Go Crazy: RUN57 Brilliant, informal: GLAM59 Pranksters: GAGS Deals61 Non-medical organization. X-rays used: TSA62 Something You Could Step On That Shower Butterfly [Cobra, Seal]: BATHROOM SCALES65 Init Biotech in: GMO68 Plan legal phrase: IN RE69″My fault!” : Ouch!70 Make dry like salmon: DIGEST72 analgesics: ALEV75 initial placeholder. :To be defined76 3 feet x 5 legs eg: BMS77 “That’s How It Works”: Alas78 Perennial soap opera that debuted in 1963 [Ant, Gorilla, Sheep]: GENERAL HOSPITAL83 It was available via QR code, today: MENU84 term: VICTORY85 guard around the castle a: Moats86 401 (k) alternative, abbreviated: IRA87 Tendency: PREFER89 Tiebreak in Specialty Sports: CHOICE91 London Attractions [Beetle, Pig, Rat]: GLOBE THEATER94 Location: LOCATION95 ___ Background score: SIREN97 Neighbor Bass: ROOST98 International Standard Orange Painted Bridge [Dog, Eel, Mosquito] (Empty) GOLDEN GATE101 Evil look? : goat103 Boardroom V.I.P.

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Complete List Of Tips/Answers

1 Common Storage Stories: Attics7 artists per sculptor: ARTISTS13 Impulse conducting cell: NEURON14 Elton John In The Wind: CANDLE15 * “The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas” By GERTRUD STEIN (from The Beer Mug)17 Fool Us Judges __ Teller And: PENN18GP. for good drivers? : PGA19 SubjectsFossey’s: MONKEYS21 super funny moments when: EXPLOSIONS23 *A popular instrument named after the Greek god of nature: FLUTE DE PAN (from “champagne flute”).27 Easy Pace: Jogging28 guns, as engine: REV30 Debtor’s condition: recognition of debt31 Pro bono TV: PSA advertisement32 Soft leather: SUEDE34 Join the club: REGISTER37 *Polishing tool for some jewelers: ROCK TUMBLER40 Prius Manufacturer: TOYOTA41 Nourishes: FOOD44 campaign finance organizations. : LIDCal. 47 Neighbor: ORE48 Intel Arm DOD: NSA50 “Everything’s __ Fine”: Taylor Swift: ALSO Music51 * “This American Life” Host: IRA GLASS (from “Drinking Glass”)54 punctuation marks in your email address: AT-SIGN56 Actress Campbell: NIWA57 Industrial tank: VAT59 Random __ Kindness: ACTS60 disparaging chai answers offered anytime at the end of some sort of asterisk prompts? : NOT MY CASE65 Debate: DISPUTE66 “I don’t __ it”: “You always convinced me”: BUY67 MAKES REGULAR VINIFICATION: LES STOMPES68 Operating time: RELAY


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