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gold Futures Contract Expiration Dates


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Gold items are determined by exchange. On the last trading day before option expiration, the available closing time for these options is 1:30 PM New York time.

What time do gold futures expire?

Gold futures may be determined by the exchange. The last business day of an expiring option, the last such option is 13:30 New York time.

When Does The E-mini S&P 500 Futures Contract Expire? (ES)

E-mini S&P 500 Futures Contracts Expire Third Friday 4weekly contract. Contracts expire quarterly in March, June, September and December at 9:30 AM EST. Expiry dates for 2020: March 20, June 19, September 18 and December 18. The transfer dates are March 12, June 11, September 10 and December 10. Click to view specific CME Group E-mini S&P Futures 500 contract specifications. For example, each contract is assigned amounts, symbol, settlement method, and expiration date. After the expiration of the contract, it becomes non-negotiable.

gold futures contract expiration dates

Duration Of The Futures Contract

Futures quotes are based on commodities being traded and bought by parties that need them. Corn, butter, beef, metals, precious and alternative materials are examples of items that can be bought and sold on the exchange.

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An Example Of The Last Trading Day Of A Particular Futures Contract

Suppose a potential futures trader buys a gold futures contract with an expiration date of August 26, 2021 that has a peak trading day on August 26, 2021. If the employee isIf the contract is not sold before the end date of August 26, this contract must be settled by delivery in relation to the underlying asset. Most contracts also include a cash option, which frees both parties from the exchange or physical delivery of the underlying assets.

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What Is Each Type Of Futures Contracts For Gold Or Silver?

Futures contracts for the first timeThey began to trade in the middle of the 19th century, when the central function of cereal advertising was used. This central grain market gave farmers every opportunity to sell their grain with easy delivery in the so-called spot market, or they had a strategy to sell grain at a safe price with a delivery date in the future. A futures contract is a legal agreement between, for example, a buyer and seller for a specific purchase or sale of an asset, always on a specific date within a specific month.

Future Contract

Commodity Exchange, Inc. or COMEX could be a division of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Futures contracts are strictly standardized and regularly traded on the futures exchange. You choose gold futures contracts because you want to lock in the price of a portion of a future supply of gold of a certain quantity and quality. Your profit prices should rise above the futures price of the contract, unless the seller of the contract takes advantage of lower prices. You are buying futures contracts on margin and need to keep a relatively small initialan initial cash deposit in a brokerage account to act as collateral.

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Futures Months

Futures around the world have many different letters. and icons corresponding to various futures contracts, expiration months and exchanges, usually shown in the tables below.


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Futures And Complementary Exchanges

There are many types of futures contracts, reflecting many different types, including “tradable” assets upon which the contract may be based, such as stock options (for example, individual stock futures), currencies or intangible assets such as interest rates and indices. Follow the links to learn facts about futures markets in specific current commodity markets. For a list of tradable commodity futures, see the “List of tradable commodities” section. See also the article on futures markets.

gold futures contract expiration dates


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What day of the month do futures contracts expire?

U.S. stock and stock index futures are due on the third Friday of every third month.

What time does a futures contract expire?

Futures contracts can easily be traded profitably if the trade is closed before the expiration date. Many futures contracts expire on the last Friday of the month, but the trades that take place vary, so check the specifications before trading to make sure you understand everything.

What happens when a gold futures contract expires?

When the contract expires, the position is automatically closed. If this asset settlement price is clearly higher than your entry cost, you have made a profit; if it is lower, you have incurred a loss. Any winnings or reductions will be added to or deducted from your account.

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How are futures different from options and expiration dates?

It is more specific than the departure date and should not be compared to the last time this option was offered. Compared to options, futures contracts differ in that even the position of a currency futures contract is retained (loss of value after expiration). For example, an oil contract represents crates of oil.

Which is the nearest expiration date to a futures contract?

The first month futures contract is the contract with the earliest expiration date and price closest to the spot rate. In fact, the price created by a futures contract in the first month may be significantly different from the price of the contract several months later. Thus, the nature of the market may attempt to predict the need and demand for goods.

What happens if you hold a futures contract until expiration?

Futures expiration is the day when the futures contract ceases to exist. Holding the contract on this past launch date will trigger a commitment for most people to buy the underlying asset. future no. The long or short position of any futures contract prior to actual settlement.

What happens to all futures in concurrent.futures?

Any futures contracts created or in progress will not be cancelled, but will have the cancel_futures value. If wait_cancel_futures and true is true, all executor futures contracts that have started executing will terminate before this method returns. Appeared futures contracts are cancelled.

What happens when futures contracts expire?

Traders scroll through futures contracts to move from a contract in the first month that expires to another contract later in the month. Unlike stocks, which are invested for an unlimited time, futures contracts have an expiration date. They are rolled over to another month to avoid the prices and obligations associated with the settlement of these contracts. Futures contracts are usually settled by physical settlement or cash settlement.

How long does a futures contract last?

A futures contract is an outstanding agreement to buy or sell a range of commodities or securities at a specific price at a specific time, usually in the future. Futures contracts are standardized in size and quantity to facilitate trading on the commodity exchange.

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