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bank Of America Ira Phone Number

Please make an appointment, visit the financial center or call a customer service representative at 888.827. 1812 (Mon-Fri 6:00-8:00-21:00 or Sat 8:00-20:00, every hour ET) if you have practical questions.

How do I access my IRA account?

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are a great retirement alternative to the regular 401(k). If your employer doesn’t offer 401(k) rights, an IRA is another very tax-efficient alternative to accumulating your retirement wealth. However, once you lose sight of an outdated IRA, it cant be hard to catch.

Why Invest In An IRA?

At retirement, anyone may be required to contribute up to 100% of their current after-tax income (salary), less any amount you save each year. That’s why it’s so easy to start saving now, and an IRA can help you get started.

bank of america ira phone number

It’s Easy To Update Your Script

If you find out if an event requires a name update or an account holder level change and/or the POD beneficiary in your account, we are here to make this process as easy as possible. Visit your local paperwork financial center and we’ll update the information.

bank of america ira phone number

What Is An IRA Most Likely To Be?

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) offers a way to defer retirement taxes. There are many different forms of IRA, but Roth Traditional and IRA are the most common.

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What Is An IRA CD?

An IRA CD is an individual retirement account that holds your money using a certificate of deposit, a trading account term deposit that pays ?Interest on the amount of the level or in exchange for a depositor agreement when you need to deposit money for a certain period of time. CD maturities vary, typically from three to 10 years. Deposits usually offer a significantly higher interest rate than savings accounts because they are less liquid.

Who do I contact for an IRA?

The Internal Revenue Service, like many government agencies, has a reputation for being impenetrable, especially when it comes to dealing with this new customer service agent. But recent changes to allow them access to the IRS customer support system have made it easier for you to resolve your questions, including questions about the new IRA. With a little determination, you can get the IRA responses you might need directly from the agency that made the rules.

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